Last Post On Eating Bugs (I Promise)

I thought I was done talking about eating bugs, but then my mom pointed me to this article highlighting the environmental and nutritional benefits for developing countries:

“Insects offer many advantages as a sustainable source of protein. The cold-blooded creatures require less feed to produce proteins. For example, a cricket can produce the protein equivalent of cows with six times less feed.

Moreover, insects are already considered delicacies in many cultures, and the practice of eating insects goes back millenia. The Eewww-factor is a learned behavior reflecting our recent sensibilities about hygiene and health (quite ignoring the fact that we are all eating bugs already in foods meeting prescribed contamination limits).

But insects which are properly raised, harvested and prepared present no risks to health. Quite the contrary: insects offer healthy nutritional value including largely unsaturated fats, high iron content, minerals, and vitamins.”

I, uh, forgot to mention I ate the tarantula for iron and vitamins. Now I’m really done.

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