An Iowa Man…

The other day I posted a link to my friend’s new blog: A Florida Man. If you missed it, read about it here. Or just start reading the blog.

Well, I promise I won’t do this too often, but this beer related one’s too good to pass up:

Is a beer diet a good diet? Click image to expand.An Iowa man completed his Lent-long beer fast on Sunday, marking the occasion with a bacon smoothie. During the 46-day feat, J. Wilson consumed only beer and water, emulating a centuries-old tradition once practiced by the Paulaner monks of Munich, Germany. How long could a man survive on beer and water?

Not more than a few months, probably. That’s when the worst effects of scurvy and protein deficiency would kick in. (Liver disease is a serious risk of chronic alcohol use, but it takes longer to arrive.) If you kept to a strict beer diet—and swore off plain water altogether—you’d likely die of dehydration in a matter of days or weeks, depending on the strength and volume of beer consumed. There’s plenty of water in beer, of course, but the alcohol’s diuretic effect makes it a net negative in terms of hydration under most conditions.

Forty six days. Well done, sir.


I went to the grand opening of Meadhall last night. It’s a great new restaurant and bar in Kendall square, with an unbelievable draft selection of 110 beers.

I tried two new beers that I highly recommend. The first was the McChouffe Brown Ale by d’Achouffe out of Belgium. It was strong with some maple overtones, but wasn’t too sweet. One of the better browns I’ve had in a while. Oddly, I can’t find it on BeerAdvocate.

The second was the Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale from the Lexington Brewing Company in Kentucky. It was beer, but it tasted like whiskey. Absolutely delicious.

Judging by Meadhall’s impressive tap selection, I’ve still got a lot of work to do.

And the food was great too. I had the lamb, and it fell apart on the fork.

Here’s the draft beer menu:

And here’s a small portion of the very impressive bar:

This is a welcome addition to the otherwise lonely bar scene in Kendall Square.

A Florida Man…

My friend Adam Sigel, who blogs at The Rupert Murdog, has just started a second blog titled A Florida Man. The premise is simple, but brilliant. Men from Florida do ridiculous things, and these things end up in the news. The articles always begin with “A Florida Man,” and Adam has generously decided to begin posting a new Florida Man escapade each day.

Here are a few of my favorites from the blog over the past week:

A Florida man thought his friends were playing a joke on him when the police informed him he was in South Carolina.

A Florida man is seeking financial compensation for writing the popular sports fan chant: “da da da da da da, charge!” which he claimed to write in 1980 for the San Diego Chargers.

A Florida man had his home invaded and when the burglar demanded his wallet, the man hit him in the head with a red-hot frying pan.

A Florida man was jailed on six counts of aggravated assault with a weapon after following children while brandishing a sword.

A Florida man opened fire on a SWAT robot that was sent into the house after he threatened to shoot anyone he could.

A Florida man was arrested for practicing professional wrestling moves he saw on TV on a 21-month-old toddler.

This is a great Google Reader or RSS add for a quick laugh each day.