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#1, Eh?

My brother was recently admitted to the Vancouver Film School, so he’s moving to Canada. I never realized how highly the city is regarded. It’s been ranked the #1 most liveable city by The Economist for five years in a … Continue reading

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Tyler Cowen and The Great Stagnation

I’ve long been a fan of Tyler Cowen’s blog, Marginal Revolution. It’s interesting, off-beat, and is a great source of lesser publicized news stories and research findings, with plenty of thoughtful commentary thrown in. I had been meaning to read Tyler’s … Continue reading

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Music Recommendations? Audiobooks?

I’m leaving in a few days on a cross-country road trip, and am looking to stock up on some new music for the ride. Anyone have any recommendations? Preferably new albums. I’m also thinking about buying a few audiobooks. I’ve … Continue reading

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Arrests at Jefferson Memorial Flashmob Scene

Via Marginal Revolution, it appears that a bunch of people were aggressively arrested yesterday for dancing at the Jefferson memorial. The rest of the story obviously has yet to unfold, but from the initial reports and videos, this does not … Continue reading

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Photos of the Week

National Geographic: Inishowen, Ireland National Geographic: Namaqua Chameleon, Namibia EarthShots: Cheetah And I found this timelapse video of the European Southern Observatory’s “Very Large Telescope” VLT to be pretty amazing. Just watch the sky spin in circles.

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Flying Lessons from Mr. Fallows

I like James Fallows because he teaches me interesting things about China, beer, flying, and politics. Things I probably wouldn’t learn otherwise. Today Jim* wrote a fascinating post about what we’ve learned about the Air France crash from the recent black … Continue reading

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What’s the Shape of an Electron?

Apparently round.

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XKCD Sports

Obviously via xkcd:

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Earlier today I shot some footage of a ship going through the Panama Canal. I sped it up 16x and added some Van Halen so any viewers don’t fall asleep!

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This Seems Sensible

Let’s make dead people pay for Medicare. Kevin Drum via Tyler Cowen: So here’s an idea: why not reform Medicare by means testing it? Conservatives should love this idea. Here’s how it works. Basically, we leave Medicare alone. Oh, we can … Continue reading

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