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I’m giving it a shot, if for no other reason then to see what Google is up to. I can’t say I woke up yesterday wishing I had access to a new social networking site. In line with that sentiment, … Continue reading

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Facebook + Twitter =

Google+. This is far from an original observation, but here it is nonetheless: + = Judging by my Facebook newsfeed, I get the sense that making Google+ invite only – for some undisclosed amount of time – was a very … Continue reading

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Yellowstone National Park, Part 2

To add to my previous post on my Yellowstone visit, here are some additional shots: There really were just a lot of buffalo. Everywhere: Microbes that thrive on the hot rocks add a fiery orange to the landscape: There were … Continue reading

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Yellowstone National Park

I was completely blown away by Yellowstone. I expected lots a trees, some lakes, some animals, and a big geyser. But it turned out to quite possibly be the most impressive natural landscape I’ve seen. Apparently much of the park … Continue reading

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Yeast, Unite!

Two of my favorite topics are evolutionary biology and brewing. It’s rare that they overlap in the same article. It looks like brewer’s yeast has been coaxed to evolve to do more than make beer: IN JUST a few weeks … Continue reading

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My Favorite Economic Dashboard

An update of one of the simplest and most useful economic dashboards I’ve seen. You need to click through, but take a quick look: I would still love to see a dynamic version of this, updated daily. It’s not quite … Continue reading

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Joe Biden

Via xkcd:

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How Many Households Are Like Yours?

Via Chartporn, the NYT will tell you many households are like yours: I’m not sure why, but if I were a betting man, I would have guessed that more than 0.2% of the households in the country were like mine.

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Here’s a Real ‘Computer’ Game

Via Ezra Klein, the first version of ‘The Oregon Trail’ game: “With no monitor, the original version of Oregon Trail was played by answering prompts that printed out on a roll of paper. At 10 characters per second, the teletype … Continue reading

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Charging with Fire

Outdoorsy Japanese Cooking Pot Charges Phones Over a Campfire:  

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