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Summer in the City

Via James Fallows, Timbuk2 has a new “Corona” ad featuring my temporary home:

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Cowen: How Would A Greek Transition Out of the Euro Go?

Tyler Cowen has some thoughts: Forget about the macroeconomics for now, I am thinking about the sheer mechanics of it. If Greece announced it was leaving the euro, it might declare a bank holiday.  For some number of days, no … Continue reading

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Strawberry Canyon

Over the weekend I took a trip out to Berkeley to hike along Strawberry Canyon. Two quick thoughts: 1. I’m still blown away by the number of amazing hiking trails that are right in the Bay area. Quite a few … Continue reading

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Clarence Clemons

I just heard the sad news that Clarence Clemons, the sax player from the E Street Band, died over the weekend after having a stroke last week. I remember discovering how great rock saxophone could be when I first heard … Continue reading

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Vancouver Riots

I was completely blown away when I saw the pictures from the Vancouver post-loss riots. I had envisioned some variation of the Red Sox 2004 Kenmore Square riots (the crazier ones were after the ALCS, not the World Series). But … Continue reading

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Interesting Reads

1. From MIT, Soon We’ll Be Able to “Throw Applications Between Our Computers and Phones” 2. Better displays with quantum dots? 3. Volcano Sunset Photography 4. If you’re into this sort of thing: The First Self-Powering Nano-Device That Can Also Transmit … Continue reading

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The Mother Hips

I have to thank my brother for letting me know about the Mother Hips show at Cafe du Nord last night. The venue was great – it’s an old Swedish hall that was build over 100 years ago in Upper … Continue reading

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South Dakota Photography

I went through some of my shots from the road trip, and here’s the first batch. These were taken on June 4th in the Badlands, the Black Hills, Custer State Park, and there may be a couple from Eastern Wyoming.

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It Tastes Like Pine…No Wait, That One’s Grapefruitty

Sam Adams isn’t the first brewery to release single hop beers, I have to hand it to them. They got this right: By and large, most beer is made with a hodgepodge of hops, those flowers that add aroma, bitterness … Continue reading

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25 Best Places to Photograph On Earth has a list of the 25 best places to photograph on Earth. Here are a few highlights: The Galapagos: Kangaroo Island: Geysir National Park:

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