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Horseshoe Lake

I recently made the move to a Nikon D7000. I’d been on the fence for a while, but didn’t think twice about upgrading after a friend offered to buy my D90. I took it out for the first time this … Continue reading

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Some Reads

1. Evolutionary experiments in altruism 2. Ewe’re smart (sorry) 3. Ezra Klein: Why does anyone trust the CBO 4. MIT Sloan Professor predicts Red Sox record

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The “Base” Metaphor Explained

Thanks to Mark Waltham, for pointing me to this xkcd masterpiece: There’s just so much here.

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Milky Way Shots

From the Daily Mail:

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Some Thoughts on Debt

The debt debacle has obviously been well covered in the news and on the blogosphere. James Fallows puts the impact of policies into perspective: The point is that governments can respond to but not control external shocks. That’s why we … Continue reading

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Mon Ami

Over the past week I’ve added a few new photos to my Flickr album. Here’s one from a lake in El Remate, Guatemala:

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Film’s Not Dead

My brother recently brought my dads old film SLR camera out of retirement. He’s taken some great shots: More here.

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Back It Up Back It Up Back It Up

I have terrible backup habits. Most of my important documents are synced using dropbox. But for the past few years, my photography strategy has been to back everything up every few months on an external hard drive, then put it in my … Continue reading

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The New Standard?

Could Twitter become irrelevant? Ezra wouldn’t lose any sleep: Farhad Manjoo thinks that Twitter should allow 280-character tweets rather than 140-character tweets. I think everyone should just move to Google+. The 140-character limit is Twitter’s most obvious feature, and so it’s understandably … Continue reading

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Cross Dressing Presidents?

Via Chris Blattman, ” just who is this cute little girl”? There’s a hint in the title. Find out here.                    

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