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It’s A Good Week For Science

1. So long, and thanks for all the quarks 2. Spaceships 3. Surprise! U.S. might meet its climate targets

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Flying Squirrel Man

Via James Fallows. This is quite ridiculous:

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Ryan Adams’ Ashes & Fire

Streaming on NPR.

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Jeff Tweedy (Wilco) “Covers” the Black Eyed Peas

These are awesome: Jeff Tweedy recites “My Humps” from Jasmine Davila on Vimeo.

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Where are all of our photos?


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The Magic of Truth & Lies

This is worth a watch:

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Good Reads

1. How Google Translator Works 2. The World’s Largest Employers 3. Our Rare-Earths Conundrum 4. A Clever New Personal Turbine 5. The First Ever Spaceship Factory 6. Netflix Looks Desperate 7. Finally, Pay by Phone 8. Remember These Sites? Here’s … Continue reading

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Black Bears!

The last park I visited this summer was Great Smoky Mountain National Park. It’s not the biggest park, or the most visually impressive, but it was by far one of my favorites. Filled with green rolling mountains, streams, and thick … Continue reading

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“A Shaved Llama. That is all.”

Via Grandiloquent Bloviator.

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