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Rubber Band Trumpet

Via the Big Picture. This is extremely weird, but even more impressive, I think:

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Barack Obama Introduces Wilco (In 2005)

The introduction also happens to be followed by a great version of Airline to Heaven:

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100 Greatest Guitarists

Rolling Stone has a new greatest guitarists list compiled by an impressive number of musicians. A few personal highlights: Keith Richards at #4. Enough said. Take that Scott Wilson. Jonny Greenwood at #48. ‘Radiohead are the consummate 21st-century rock band, and … Continue reading

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Katy Perry – Last Friday Night: Covered by Todd Gaynor

Watch my friend Todd get into it:

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Why Does Evolution Allow Some People to Hear Colors?

National Geographic has a piece on the evolution of synesthesia, which is broadly defined as “a neurologically based condition in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway.” In the most … Continue reading

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Creepy Video of the Day

“Meet Ant-Roach, an inflatable clackety six-legged robot with a protruding proboscis”: The name was chosen “because it reminds its creators of a cross between an anteater and a cockroach.” Some people take a ride: More here.

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How to Feed 400,000 People In One Location

I recently came across a TechCrunch post discussing the logistics of feeding 400,000 workers at one of Foxconn’s factories in China (Foxconn is one of the main manufacturers of Apple products). The post is interesting throughout, but I couldn’t stop … Continue reading

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Ridiculous Indian “Talent Show”

Via Jeffrey Goldberg, this is quite odd, but very entertaining:

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Expanding Manhattan & Boston’s Landfill History

There was an interesting piece in yesterday’s NYT outlining a proposed expansion of lower Manhattan: LoLo, which stands for Lower Lower Manhattan, is one of the first proposals from the Center for Urban Real Estate, a new research group at Columbia … Continue reading

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XKCD Money

This xkcd “cartoon” is just absurd:

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