The Rolling Sloans

This fall I’ve been playing the guitar with the Rolling Sloans, the MIT Sloan cover band. We had a show a few weeks back at Tommy Doyle’s in Harvard Square. It was a great time, and here are a few clips filmed by Natacha Hardy:

All My Loving:

Don’t Look Back in Anger Part 1:

Don’t Look Back in Anger Part 2 (Sean Lee Kills it):

Just a Girl:

Say It Ain’t So:

The Band is:
Robin Bose – Vocals
Charlotte Rocker – Vocals
Vanessa Kafka – Guitar/Vocals
Sean Lee – Guitar/Vocals
Eugene Feldman – Keys
Robbie Hobbs – Drums
Anand Desai – Bass
Jamie Fordyce – Bass
Antonio Yanez – Guitar
Myself – Guitar

I’ve heard there are a few more clips somewhere out there. I’ll hopefully post them in the coming days.

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