MIT Seeing Around Corners

Via Popular Science: Back in late 2010, MIT Media Lab announced that it was working on technology that would allow a camera to see around corners and image objects that were never in its direct line of sight. Now, the lab has released a video explaining exactly how they do this and showing the technology in action. Briefly, the system works by firing rapid femtosecond laser pulses–pulses so short they are measured in quadrillionths of a second–at a surface opposite the obscured object it is trying to image, like the wall opposite a doorway for instance. The laser light bounces off the wall and scatters. Some of that light hits the target object and likewise scatters. And some of that light ends up bouncing

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Slow Blogging

Blogging will be slow over the course of the next week. I’m on spring break with some classmates from MIT and decided not to bring a laptop. I’m planning to read a few books, and put a dent in The Wire series. I might try and post a few things from my iPad, but we’ll see. I’ve queued a few posts up, but otherwise, see you in April.

Stimulus Plan Brings Foodie’s to Southie

There’s been a lot of debate about whether or not the stimulus plan worked. At the time it was passed, many argued that it wouldn’t be fast enough, that the projects would take so long to get underway that it wouldn’t be able to accomplish its purpose. And now, according to many economists, it definitely helped create jobs. But here we are, three years later. Our financial system didn’t self destruct, but economy is still growing at a pretty pathetic pace (although there have been some encouraging signs over the past two months). So, knowing we can’t change the past anyways, maybe its not so bad that some of the effects of the stimulus plan have yet to hit the economy. I’ve lived

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St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Sunday was the annual St. Patrick’s day Parade in South Boston. A tradition that’s been running since 1901. It’s the only day of the year when any South Boston bar can get away with charging a $20 cover. And of course, they all take advantage of this rare opportunity. Even my neighborhood bar, a bar with free pool that charges $1.50/beer and didn’t have a sign for thirty years until the police forced them to put one up last year, charged a $20 cover. It’s the type of bar where there’s never a line. Except Sunday. Even though I’ve been to the parade four times, this year was my first time seeing the entire thing through. This wasn’t intentional. It’s usually

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