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Can Gold Be Used As Currency?

Via Felix Salmon:

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The Black Keys & John Fogerty

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A Frog Acting Human

Via Ezra Klein:

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Another reason I love MIT…

Building Tetris:

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This is why I love MIT…

                      Unfortunately, I’ll be in NYC on Thursday. But if you’re in or around Cambridge, I can’t think of a logical reason to miss this. Here’s a video of the … Continue reading

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Sexy Sax Man

I spent the weekend in Maine with some friends. At one point we spent a good hour sharing some favorite youtube videos. This was the highlight for me:

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Some Links

1. Synthetic DNA, “XNA” 2. Your B of A .com, a mock BofA site 3. Computer Science Confirms Super Mario is Hard 4. How to Make Lightroom 3 Presets Lightroom 4 Compatible

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Giant Rubber Ducks

Why not? “Artist Florentin Hofman’s giant yellow duckie puts a smile on the faces of passers-by as it floats from city to city along the Loire river in France. The hilarious and striking sight has already traveled the world before … Continue reading

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Push for Drama

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The Daily Show: Easter vs. Passover at the White House

Via Kid Dynamite: Part 1: Part 2:

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