Apricot Ale Homebrew (2012 Batch #1)

School’s finally out, and my brewing equipment will be neglected no more. My latest brew is an Apricot Ale, and it’s my first homebrew in quite some time. Here’s the recipe for those interested: Grains: 7 Pounds Light Malt Extract 1 Pound American Crystal 60 Hops: 1 Ounce Amarillo (9.2%) @60min 1 Ounce Amarillo (9.2%) @30min 1 Ounce Columbus (13.2%) @ 10min Dry hop with 1 Ounce Cascade (5.5%) in Secondary (7 Days) Other: White Labs California Ale V Yeast 1 Whirfloc Tablet @5min 4 Ounces Apricot Extract at Bottling 5 Ounces of Priming Sugar at Bottling Original gravity reading: 1.056 It’s similar to a recipe I made a couple years ago, and it’s a bit like a hoppier and

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And We’re Off!

The commercial space race hit a pretty big milestone! Yesterday’s SpaceX launch put the first commercial spacecraft with plans to dock with the space station into orbit: I’m convinced that space travel, like the kind Virgin Galactic is planning, will become “reasonably” affordable over the next two decades. You can now book a space flight right on the Virgin site for $200,000. The form is actually quite funny: “Book Directly with Virgin Galactic” or “Book with your Local Accredited Space Agent.” I love it. It’s an outrageous sum of money, but not nearly as outrageous as the $20-$35 million per trip paid to the Russian government by “tourists” over the past 11 years. And now there’s talk of $13,000 trips in the

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8-Bit OK Computer

In the spirit of electronic music, Pitchfork has some links to Kid A and OK Computer tunes, played as though they’re 8-bit video game music. It sounds like it could be annoying, but some the OK Computer tracks are pretty great:

Google Celebrates Robert Moog

With a cool working electronic synth four track right on the homepage:             It’s funny. I feel like tons of blogs are posting about this, acting as though they know all about Robert Moog. And I suppose maybe they do. The “Moog Synthesizer” sounds vaguely familiar, but I won’t pretend to have known anything about the man or his contributions to electronic music until this morning when I looked him up on wikipedia. But now I do. And I used google’s synth to make this monstrosity. Click the link to hear something horrendous. A somethingsbrewing.com original.  

Moonrise Kingdom

We’re only a few days away from the release of Wes Anderson’s new film, Moonrise Kingdom. Portable record players, tree houses, and canoes. It looks awesome: The soundtrack also looks promising, with lots of old Hank Williams tunes. My favorite Wes Anderson soundtrack is still that from the Darjeeling Limited.

The Studio

I spent the weekend in a recording studio in Maine with Vanessa Kafka, Aaron Pearsall, and Matt Beals. We were working on Vanessa’s new EP. It was an awesome session, and so far it sounds great. Thanks again to everyone who helped support the project. And here are a few pictures from the studio: The Board: Stuff I Don’t Understand: The Studio: Listening Back: A Beautiful, Beautiful Amp: