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Las Islas del Maiz

Here are my final photos from Nicaragua, this batch taken on the Corn Islands, which are on the Caribbean side of the country.

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Here’s my third batch of photos from Nicaragua. These are all from Ometepe, which is an island with two volcanoes in the middle of Lake Nicaragua.

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San Juan del Sur

Here are a couple more shots from Nicaragua. These were taken in San Juan del Sur, a surf town on the Pacific coast. Laura, mid-cartwheel:

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Nicaragua Photos

A few highlights from a recent trip to Nicaragua. These are from Granada:

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The (Mostly) Useless U.S. Passport Card

I picked up one of those new passport cards a couple years ago. I was told it could be used to travel to Canada or Mexico, and doubles as another wallet sized ID in the event I misplace my license. … Continue reading

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Small Airplanes

I apologize for the slow blogging. My dad recently pointed out that I haven’t posted anything in over two weeks, and if I keep this up, some of my readers (him) might stop checking it quite so often. Fair point. … Continue reading

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