Small Airplanes

I apologize for the slow blogging. My dad recently pointed out that I haven’t posted anything in over two weeks, and if I keep this up, some of my readers (him) might stop checking it quite so often. Fair point.

It’s been a fairly busy, and exciting, couple of weeks. I finished school in late May, went on a trip to Nicaragua with my girlfriend Laura, and then graduated this past week. I plan to get into a better blogging routine once the summer gets rolling.

Anyways, in the meantime, here’s a short clip I put together of a flight Laura and I took in Nicaragua. We were flying from Big Corn Island to Managua in a small 12 seater prop plane. We were sitting right behind the pilots, who actually encouraged us to take pictures and videos. I found it pretty fascinating to be able to watch all of the instruments throughout the entire flight. Especially watching the pilots react to rain clouds on the radar and subsequently steer around them.

Los Lobos!

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