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My New Photography Website

Over the past two weeks I’ve put together a new photography website with my portfolio as well as some selected galleries. The site is, and it’s now up and running. Here’s a slideshow preview containing some of my portfolio: … Continue reading

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The Super PAC App!

As I previously mentioned here and here, my good friend Dan Siegel has been hard at work developing the Super PAC App, an iPhone app that helps people who are interested in researching election-related commercials funded by Super PACs identify … Continue reading

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Star Ratings

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A Hypochrondiac’s Nightmare

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Hazelnut Brown Ale Homebrew (2012 Batch #2)

I brewed a Hazelnut Brown Ale the other night. It’s an original recipe I put together after reviewing a few similar brew recipes online. I’m shooting for about 6% ABV and something a bit hoppier than a traditional brown. Here’s … Continue reading

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I Gave My Kids A Terrible Present

This is hysterical:

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Gangnam Style

Amazing. The newest K-Pop:

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Who’s Curiosity? Bleep-Bop.

I just discovered that NASA’s curiosity rover, which who landed on Mars last night, has its own Facebook and Twitter pages where it posts updates about its mission in the first person. It seems a bit over the top, but why not? … Continue reading

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Apricot Ale Homebrew Update

It’s been just over two months since I brewed an Apricot Ale, and it was finally ready to drink earlier this week. Overall, I think it came out well. It tastes a lot like a slightly hoppier and more bitter Magic Hat … Continue reading

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