LCD Soundsystem – Sounds from Buttons & Knobs

I apologize for the lack of blogging over the past month. After a two year break from reality, I’ve reentered the workforce and haven’t had time to put together many posts. Over time I’ll hopefully find a happy medium, and get into a routine with at least a few posts a week.

For any LCD Soundsystem fans reading this, here are two rather interesting clips of James Murphy using a sequencer to make sounds in the studio. For any non LCD Soundsystem fans, here are two really strange videos:

On related note, I saw James Murphy’s movie, ‘Shut Up and Play the Hits’ a couple weeks ago and have to say that I was a bit let down. It was fun to watch, and I was definitely entertained throughout, but after all the hype and limited theater showings of the initial release, I expected a bit more.

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