Lightroom 5 Preset: Bright Eyes

I had an encouraging response to my first lightroom preset posting last week, Burlington Northern. So I’ve decided to keep it up, and try to post new presets a couple times a month.

Here’s my second posting, Bright Eyes. It’s a landscape effect that works particularly well around sunrise or sunset. It brings out the sky a bit, adds some highlight color, and enhances the sunlight’s reflection on grass and trees.

I originally came up with it when editing the below photo of a tree in a field outside a Fidelity Investments office in Smithfield, Rhode Island. I used to work there on occasion, and the tree reminded me of the tree in the Shawshank Redemption, up in Maine where Red goes to get the box Andy had left for him. I got to work particularly early one morning, around 6:00am, just to get this shot:
Samuel Kornstein: Lightroom Preset Examples &emdash; Fidelity (Bright Eyes)

Sadly, I’ve since heard that the tree was taken out by a storm. Somewhat ironically, I just read that the Shawshank tree was also destroyed in a storm last year. Well, this post is now dedicated to formerly nice looking trees that once stood alone in fields.

Here’s a second example of the preset, used on a similar landscape photo taken near my apartment at Carson Beach in South Boston:
Samuel Kornstein: Lightroom Preset Examples &emdash; Carson Beach (Bright Eyes)

And one final example from Devils Tower in Wyoming:
Samuel Kornstein: Lightroom Preset Examples &emdash; Devils Tower (Bright Eyes)

Here’s the download: Lightroom 5 Preset: Bright Eyes

To install it in Lightroom, simply right click any preset, select import, and then select the downloaded preset file.