Lightroom 5 Preset: Joshua Tree

Here’s my fifth free Lightroom 5 preset, Joshua Tree. I’ve been very surprised by the positive responses I’ve gotten to my first four presets, which can be found in the ‘Lightroom 5 Presets’ section of my site. Thanks to everyone for downloading them. If any readers want to share either their own presets, or examples of presets I’ve posted, I’d be happy to include them in a post.

This one has a bit of a vintage old photo tint, adds a vignette, and reduces the saturation while increasing vibrance and clarity. It’s fairly versatile, and I’ve used it on a wide range of shots.

Here’s an example, which inspired the name, from Joshua Tree National Park:
Samuel Kornstein: Lightroom Preset Examples &emdash; Joshua Tree (Joshua Tree)

And here’s another. A horse drinking some water:
Samuel Kornstein: Lightroom Preset Examples &emdash; Drink (Joshua Tree)

Here’s the download: Lightroom 5 Preset: Joshua Tree

To install it in Lightroom, simply right click any preset, select import, and then select the downloaded preset file.

Happy new year!