Lightroom 5 Preset: Vintage Rajasthan

Here’s my third free Lightroom 5 Preset, Vintage Rajasthan. My first two are here and here. I developed this one when editing a photo I took outside a temple in Udaipur, India. I was there working on an MIT research project, and got the shot on my way to a market in the early afternoon.

The preset adjusts the color balance to add a vintage photo effect, and works well on shots that are vibrant with lots of colors. The original photo was bright and overwhelming, which to me was distracting, taking attention away from the the facial expressions.

Here’s the photo with the preset:Samuel Kornstein: Lightroom Preset Examples &emdash; Udaipur Temple (Vintage Rajasthan)

Here’s a second example:
Samuel Kornstein: Lightroom Preset Examples &emdash; Wadi Rum (Vintage Rajasthan)

And one final:
Samuel Kornstein: Lightroom Preset Examples &emdash; Antigua Kids (Vintage Rajasthan)

Here’s the download: Lightroom 5 Preset: Vintage Rajasthan

To install it in Lightroom, simply right click any preset, select import, and then select the downloaded preset file.

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  1. *huestelundrotwerd* Peinlich, peinlich, also nen BZ mach ich auch in der Regel bei &#8en0;unser22” C2-Patienten. Nur war es meinem kleinen Hirn irgendwie gestern nicht möglich, das auf den EH-Kurs zu übertragen. Wobei ich das mit dem Koenzym auch nicht so genau wusste. Hm, peinlich, und sowas nennt sich RettAss *imbodenversink*

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