Family Dinner

I’m excited about an awesome new food delivery service called Family Dinner started by my friends Tim and Erin. They source fruits, veggies, cheese, yogurt, meat, fish, pasta, bread, and eggs from local farms around New England, and deliver a share to your home weekly. It sounds like most of the items are organic, and those that aren’t are still coming from local farms with sustainable practices.

It’s similar to Boston Organics, which I subscribed to for a number of years. But for me the differentiator is the meat, dairy, and grains. It’s nice to get a mix, and to be able to take the share and cook a full meal. Really pumped for dinner tomorrow.

Here’s what I received in my first half share, delivered today:

I’ve got the sirloin, which is a 2.35 pound beast of a cut, marinating for dinner tomorrow:

After the delivery they also send some great recipes that use the items in the weekly share, as well as some information about the food. If you sign up here with my referral code, you get 30% your first share.

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