Sorachi El Dorado Homebrew Recipe

I followed up my previous Sorachi Hokkaido beer recipe with a slightly altered version, Sorachi El Dorado. It’s still predominantly Sorachi Ace, but this time I complemented it a bit with some El Dorado and Citra hops, switched back from a lager to an ale yeast (mainly to reduce the amount of time it needs to age, as I liked the recipe as a lager), and reduced the hop bill, including removing the dry hop addition all together. Here’s the recepe:

And after kegging it and aging it for a week, here’s the beer:

This is a solid ale, which will probably improve with a bit more age. I preferred the lager yeast, think the dry hops should be added back, but like the addition of the El Dorado and Citra quite a bit. I’ll keep iterating.


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