Sorachi Magnum Homebrew Recipe

Quick update on my latest Sorachi hops homebrew (previous recipes for Soarchi Hokkaido and Soarachi El Dorado here and here). This time I went with a simpler recipe with just light malt, caramel 15 grain, half an ounce of Magnum hops for bittering, and the rest Soarchi Ace hops for aroma. I also switched from a lager yeast back to California Ale yeast.

After aging in the keg for a few weeks, this is by far one of my favorite recipes. Previous iterations didn’t have quite the right bitterness profile. The Magnum hops solves this, but doesn’t get in the way of the Sorachi flavor.

Also, I probably hadn’t been aging the lager versions as long as I should have been. Although I liked the crispness of the prior brews from the lager yeast, the ale yeast seems to be better all around for my homebrew setup.

Finally, I’ve been a bit more focused on getting clear beers out of the tap, and added biofine at kegging, in addition to the typical whirfloc a few minutes before flame outg. It worked incredibly well, and the beer is crystal clear.

Here’s a shot:

And here’s the recipe:

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