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Wimberley Texas

The day after Thanksgiving, I went out to Wimberley with my girlfriend’s family, which is a small town about half an hour outside of Austin. I didn’t know what to expect, and was very pleasantly surprised. We started the day … Continue reading

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(Blackberry) Stout Recipe

Last week I brewed my first batch of beer in quite some time. I didn’t brew this past spring as I was moving in the summer, and didn’t want to worry about moving a bunch of extra bottles and/or full … Continue reading

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Naukabout Beer

I spent the weekend on the Cape and discovered a new pale ale, Naukabout, from the Naukabout Beer Company. I found it to be a light, refreshing pale ale, with strong, but not overwhelming hop character. It definitely hit the … Continue reading

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The White House Honey Ale

I may have to give this recipe a shot:

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Hazelnut Brown Ale Homebrew (2012 Batch #2)

I brewed a Hazelnut Brown Ale the other night. It’s an original recipe I put together after reviewing a few similar brew recipes online. I’m shooting for about 6% ABV and something a bit hoppier than a traditional brown. Here’s … Continue reading

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Apricot Ale Homebrew Update

It’s been just over two months since I brewed an Apricot Ale, and it was finally ready to drink earlier this week. Overall, I think it came out well. It tastes a lot like a¬†slightly¬†hoppier and more bitter Magic Hat … Continue reading

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Apricot Ale Homebrew (2012 Batch #1)

School’s finally out, and my brewing equipment will be neglected no more. My latest brew is an Apricot Ale, and it’s my first homebrew in quite some time. Here’s the recipe for those interested: Grains: 7 Pounds Light Malt Extract … Continue reading

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The “Good Beer in a Can” Debate

There’s been some great back and forth over on James Fallows’ blog about whether good beer can come in a can, and whether cans do a better job than bottles at protecting beer from UV rays, which are known to … Continue reading

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Bullish on Craft Beer

The market just keeps growing. It might be time to start a brewery. And don’t be tricked by impostors such as Blue Moon and Goose Island.

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Shift from Beer to Coffee Fueled the Enlightenment?

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