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The Best Combination of a Map and a Chart

I love maps and I love charts. So I was particularly excited to find this great chart of the world’s population by latitude, which obviously resembles a map (because most people live on land): This is a much more eloquent way of … Continue reading

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From Out of Nowhere

Via Barrons via The Big Picture, interesting trends in the computing space: I find it a little bit funny that the graphic says, “from out of nowhere, smartphones have passed global PC sales.” The slope of both smartphone graphs shifted … Continue reading

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Obama Sings Sweet Home Chicago…

…with B.B. King and Mick Jagger! Via James Fallows:

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My Favorite Economic Dashboard

An update of one of the simplest and most useful economic dashboards I’ve seen. You need to click through, but take a quick look: I would still love to see a dynamic version of this, updated daily. It’s not quite … Continue reading

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How Many Households Are Like Yours?

Via Chartporn, the NYT will tell you many households are like yours: I’m not sure why, but if I were a betting man, I would have guessed that more than 0.2% of the households in the country were like mine.

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