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The Tallest Cow in the World

6ft, 4in, from Illinois. Nothing else to add:

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Caution Falling Ice

My coworker just outside our office: Classic. Happy holidays.

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Thoughtful Context on North Korea

A thoughtful and concise article in the LA Times lays out some interesting context surrounding North Korea’s recent executions, and why this start (or continuation) of a “youthful revolution” may very well lead to substantially more instability and uncertainty. A … Continue reading

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Iceland’s First Armed Police Incident

I saw this this morning. While it’s unfortunate, the fact that Icelandic police have never used lethal force in any operation until yesterday says a lot about the country. From the BBC: Icelandic police have shot dead a man who was firing … Continue reading

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Southie Development Time Lapse

I have three good friends who all live in this building, a few blocks up the street from my place. A year ago it was in pretty rough shape, likely abandoned and condemned. This time lapse below, covering the gutting … Continue reading

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Bob Lefsetz on Changing Markets and Jeff Bezos

I thought this was thoughtful: “You double down in a crisis. When the stock market tanks, you don’t pull your money out, you buy. This was the record labels’ biggest mistake, it haunts them to this day, when Napster hit … Continue reading

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Obama & Xi Jinping

Tigger and Winnie. James Fallows: “According to everyone I know in China, all writing in at once, here is the now-most-wildly-popular image being shared on Sina Weibo (Chinese version of Twitter)”:

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“I imagine the Chinese do a better job at spying on Canadians than the Canadians do”

My friend Paul, a Canadian, in response to the recent NSA events: “[The stories] made me wonder what the Canadian spy agency does.  This is one of the stories that came up first: ‘There are reports Canada’s spy agency is appealing … Continue reading

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Outsourcing Gavel Production in the US Senate

The following is a guest post from Robin Bose. Robin went to MIT with me and likes beer almost as much as I do. He’s also a great singer.  The United States Senate has a busy 2013 summer schedule: a new … Continue reading

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Adam Sigel’s Anatomy of a Winning Presentation

Congrats to my good friend Adam whose company, MyEnergy, just won the Best “Doing Good” Innovation award at the 2013 MTIX awards. Adam helped deliver the winning presentation, and shared some tips on his blog here: Do not stray from … Continue reading

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