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Ordinary Breakfast

In response to getting tired of her friends posting pictures of their fancy meals on Facebook, my friend Jenny Lee started a blog titled Ordinary Breakfast, where she documents her morning cereals and other generally normal looking meal. In Jenny’s … Continue reading

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Rules for Eating & Drinking

Via Kottke: Rules for Eating & Drinking Michael Pollan: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” Alex Balk: “Drink alcohol. Quite a bit. Mostly bourbon.” Sounds reasonable.

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Before and After Dinner

Before: After: Before: After: After Again: Before: I’ll let you guess whether or not we went for it.

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The Village of Gruel

Excellent choice of words in the translation:

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Dinner in Guangzhou

Fish: Pigeon:

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Free Beer!

Gotcha, but it’s very close to free. A few classmates and I have been working on the board of a local non-profit organization, Somerville Local First (SLF). SLF helps to build “a sustainable Local First economy by supporting and promoting locally … Continue reading

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Shopping For Dinner At Orussey Market

Admittedly, we went vegetarian that particular night.

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Last Post On Eating Bugs (I Promise)

I thought I was done talking about eating bugs, but then my mom pointed me to this article highlighting the environmental and nutritional benefits for developing countries: “Insects offer many advantages as a sustainable source of protein. The cold-blooded creatures … Continue reading

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More on Fried Tarantula Eating

I received quite a few questions and reactions in response to my fried tarantula posting. To address some of them: Yes I really ate it, no it wasn’t that gross, it was in fact fried and not cooked with an … Continue reading

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