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CO2 Emissions by Country

Yesterday I was searching for some public data, and stumbled upon some good carbon emissions data from the European Commission. I decided to toss it into Tableau to visualize CO2 emissions by country – current state and trend. It’s been a … Continue reading

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Sorachi Ace

This will be some delicious beer:  

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Check Out Startup from Gimlet Media

I’ve listened to NPR on a regular basis for years, but hadn’t gotten into the habit of subscribing to shows using a podcast app until recently. I would typically listen to RadioLab, The TED Radio Hour, and Planet Money, all through the NPR … Continue reading

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A Dog that Rides the Bus Alone

Continuing with my above average quantity of dog-related posts, my friend Jenny recently sent me this article, about a dog in Seattle: Commuters in Belltown report seeing a Black Labrador riding the bus alone in recent weeks. The 2-year old … Continue reading

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You wanna know what takes real courage?

I am very much looking forward to the last weekend in February:

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3D Printing at CES

In my second hour at CES, after spending some time looking at health trackers, I stumbled into the 3D printing area. There seemed to be hundreds of firms showing off their 3D printing skills, and all of the plastic things … Continue reading

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The Best Combination of a Map and a Chart

I love maps and I love charts. So I was particularly excited to find this great chart of the world’s population by latitude, which obviously resembles a map (because most people live on land): This is a much more eloquent way of … Continue reading

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The 10K Pushup Challenge

Sometime in mid 2014 I added 50 pushups to my morning routine. It seemed like a small and simple thing to do to supplement my gym workouts, taking just a couple minutes every day. I stuck with it for about three … Continue reading

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Interesting Facts About Currencies

From Vox: Try making it full screen, Vox doesn’t have very useful embed video options to adjust the size.

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