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A Few Thoughts on Rhinos

I just learned that yesterday was World Rhino Day, an annual initiative to raise awareness about Africa’s big poaching problem. National Geographic has a nice series of pictures and history, including a picture that’s clearly from a very different time of … Continue reading

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What’s the Matter with Small Biz?

The following is a guest post from Robin Bose. There’s a truism that small businesses are the backbone of the American economy. I happen to think it’s true that small businesses make local economics more resilient to shocks and changes … Continue reading

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Bullshit Detection Kit

Via The Big Picture, a brief excerpt from Carl Sagan’s book, The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark, on how to detect when people are spouting nonsense:  The kit is brought out as a matter of course whenever … Continue reading

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Are There Hats?

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South Boston Filmed from a Drone

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So I Started Counting My Steps

My brother gave me a Fitbit One for my birthday back in August. I was initially skeptical about where or not I’d find it useful, and actually didn’t even start using it until 3 weeks ago. It’s an activity tracker, … Continue reading

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One Month Rails Update

As previously mentioned, I’ve begun the One Month Rails course to learn a little bit about coding. Unfortunately, given some time constraints, it’s looking more like it will be a Three Month Rails course. I’m about a third of the … Continue reading

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How Y’all, Youse and You Guys Talk

The NYT has a brief survey that seems to be effective at predicting the origin of the way you speak. Not surprisingly, mine shows up as just generic Boston/NY/NJ. Interestingly, a friend who’s from Tennessee, but spent a good portion … Continue reading

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Regional Differences in Words for Things, Like Beer

Via Chartporn: ‘Beer': Not to be confused with ‘Bear': ‘Tea': More here. I thought ‘Pineapple’ was interesting, as I hadn’t realized English and Spanish are the outiers.

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Tyler Cowen on Black Friday Economics

From 2011, but still relevant: In fact it seems that early December has in general the cheapest prices of the year, not Black Friday. Dare I suggest that some people like waiting in those lines with their thermos cups and … Continue reading

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