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Woody Guthrie’s 1942 New Years Resolutions

What an interesting guy: My favorites: 3. Wash teeth if any 16. Learn people better 19. Keep hoping machine running 27. Help win war — beat fascism

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1938 Vintage Hong Kong Tourism Video

This is a fascinating old video: Here’s a picture of Hong Kong harbor from June 2010:

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Shift from Beer to Coffee Fueled the Enlightenment?

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Cross Dressing Presidents?

Via Chris Blattman, ” just who is this cute little girl”? There’s a hint in the title. Find out here.                    

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When History Was Made

Via The Economist, this is fascinating: “More person years have been lived in the first decade of the current century than in all of the 17th century. And nearly 80% of the economic output of the last millenium has been … Continue reading

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Here’s a Real ‘Computer’ Game

Via Ezra Klein, the first version of ‘The Oregon Trail’ game: “With no monitor, the original version of Oregon Trail was played by answering prompts that printed out on a roll of paper. At 10 characters per second, the teletype … Continue reading

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Baseball History

From When the What:

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Ben Franklin’s Schedule

Via The Big Picture:

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Largest Earthquakes Since 1900

This is an interesting reference:  Wow. The 9.5 Chile earthquake in 1960 created tsunamis that killed 68 people in Hawaii and 138 people in Japan. Tokyo is 10,668 miles from Santiago.

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Clever Inventions

Via Marginal Revolution: “United States Patent 3962748 and no, this is not from the Onion.”

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