Sorachi Magnum Homebrew Recipe

Quick update on my latest Sorachi hops homebrew (previous recipes for Soarchi Hokkaido and Soarachi El Dorado here and here). This time I went with a simpler recipe with just light malt, caramel 15 grain, half an ounce of Magnum hops for bittering, and the rest Soarchi Ace hops for aroma. I also switched from a lager yeast back to California Ale yeast. After aging in the keg for a few weeks, this is by far one of my favorite recipes. Previous iterations didn’t have quite the right bitterness profile. The Magnum hops solves this, but doesn’t get in the way of the Sorachi flavor. Also, I probably hadn’t been aging the lager versions as long as I should have

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Sorachi El Dorado Homebrew Recipe

I followed up my previous Sorachi Hokkaido beer recipe with a slightly altered version, Sorachi El Dorado. It’s still predominantly Sorachi Ace, but this time I complemented it a bit with some El Dorado and Citra hops, switched back from a lager to an ale yeast (mainly to reduce the amount of time it needs to age, as I liked the recipe as a lager), and reduced the hop bill, including removing the dry hop addition all together. Here’s the recepe:  And after kegging it and aging it for a week, here’s the beer: This is a solid ale, which will probably improve with a bit more age. I preferred the lager yeast, think the dry hops should be

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Sorachi Ace Single Hop Home Brew Recipe

This is one of my favorite recipes of all time. I discovered Sorachi Ace when someone brought a homebrewed gallon to a friend’s party and I gave it a try. For the first time in years, I felt as though I was trying a new style of beer. It wasn’t just good, it was completely unfamiliar. A hop profile I had never experienced. It’s a strain that was developed in Japan by Sapporo in the 70’s and 80’s, and is only now making it’s way to the US market in meaningful quantities. I went home and immediately did some research, eager to brew something similar. The below recipe is what I came up with. And I’m very happy with it.

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(Blackberry) Stout Recipe

Last week I brewed my first batch of beer in quite some time. I didn’t brew this past spring as I was moving in the summer, and didn’t want to worry about moving a bunch of extra bottles and/or full carboys. And It took some time to get settled in my new place. But now I’ve finally got my homebrew setup running. So let there be fresh beer again. Last weekend my plan was to brew a blackberry stout. I came up with a new recipe inspired by some previous stouts I had made, and brewed it last Sunday afternoon. I had picked up some blackberry flavoring with the intention of adding it at bottling. But I just transferred it

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Hazelnut Brown Ale Homebrew (2012 Batch #2)

I brewed a Hazelnut Brown Ale the other night. It’s an original recipe I put together after reviewing a few similar brew recipes online. I’m shooting for about 6% ABV and something a bit hoppier than a traditional brown. Here’s the recipe summary: Grains: 7 Pounds Light Liquid Malt Extract 1 Pound American Crystal 20 1 Pound American Crystal 80 1 Pound English Brown .5 Pounds Chocolate .5 Pounds Light Munich Hops: 1 Ounce Perle (7.5%) @60min 1 Ounce Saaz (3.5%) @20min Other: White Labs American Ale Yeast 1 Whirfloc Tablet @5min 4 Ounces Hazelnut Extract at Bottling 5 Ounces of Priming Sugar at Bottling Original gravity reading: 1.06 And here’s the detailed recipe.

Apricot Ale Homebrew (2012 Batch #1)

School’s finally out, and my brewing equipment will be neglected no more. My latest brew is an Apricot Ale, and it’s my first homebrew in quite some time. Here’s the recipe for those interested: Grains: 7 Pounds Light Malt Extract 1 Pound American Crystal 60 Hops: 1 Ounce Amarillo (9.2%) @60min 1 Ounce Amarillo (9.2%) @30min 1 Ounce Columbus (13.2%) @ 10min Dry hop with 1 Ounce Cascade (5.5%) in Secondary (7 Days) Other: White Labs California Ale V Yeast 1 Whirfloc Tablet @5min 4 Ounces Apricot Extract at Bottling 5 Ounces of Priming Sugar at Bottling Original gravity reading: 1.056 It’s similar to a recipe I made a couple years ago, and it’s a bit like a hoppier and

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