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Additional Thoughts on US Debt and Treasury Shorting

To add to my prior posts on the S&P “Downgrade” and treasury shorting, here are a few additional thoughts and links: Via Ezra Klein, more on why the end of quantitative easing is bad for treasury prices: The dominant view … Continue reading

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Well? Why Are You Short Treasuries?

In response to my last post on the S&P “downgrade,” Matt asks, “Well?  Why are you short treasuries?” Fair question. A couple very simple reasons (with slightly detailed explanations). First off, this is not investment advice! Now that I really think it … Continue reading

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A Summary of Summaries on the S&P “Downgrade”

James Fallows summarizes two thoughts that pretty much summarize my thoughts on the topic: I agree with Clive Crook’s puzzlement about the S&P downgrade “bombshell” today: “S&P adduces no new information that I can see. Competent ratings of opaque instruments such as, oh, mortgage-backed … Continue reading

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The Global Stock Market

For a while now I’ve been curious to see a time-series chart of global stock market capitalization by region. I’ve looked, and have been unable to find one. So I downloaded some data from the World Federation of Exchanges, and … Continue reading

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Get Your Trade On

The physical kind. Kid Dynamite has an interesting post on buying nickels. There’s no good way to quote it, so here’s the entire post: Ok kids – I’m going to let you in on another blockbuster trade.  This one is … Continue reading

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Tax Advice From Greg Mankiw

Or not. Yesterday Professor Mankiw posted this on his blog: Tax Fact of The Day “The U.S. effective corporate tax rate on new investment was 34.6 percent in 2010, which was the highest rate in the OECD and the fifth-highest … Continue reading

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An Interesting Take on the Market

I’m not sure how many of my readers will find this interesting, but I did. Even though the stock market has practically doubled in value since the low in March 2009, when evaluating cumulative returns over the prior 10-year period, … Continue reading

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We Make Lots Of Stuff

About 20% of all stuff in the world, actually. From the Boston Globe, via Colin Whooten (no blog) and Scott Sumner: Americans make more “stuff’’ than any other nation on earth, and by a wide margin. According to the United … Continue reading

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Food Prices

There’s been much talk in the media about how the initial protests in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, and Jordan were, at least partly, sparked by unrest due to rising commodity and food prices. What’s been discussed much less is the underlying … Continue reading

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Tuk Tuk Rides

I’ve always found bargaining to be interesting from both a behavioral economics and a cultural perspective. Chris Blattman had a great post on bargaining fractions a couple years back, specifically focusing on taxi fares. To summarize, in many countries there’s … Continue reading

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