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Sidecar Dogs and Doggles

I recently stumbled across a trailer for a documentary about dogs riding in motorcycle sidecars. The preview was perfectly executed: bikes and revving engines, dogs wearing goggles with their faces in the wind, americana music, and a bunch of biker stories about how much … Continue reading

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How to Make People Float

I read Ender’s Game when I was 12 years old — it was on a summer reading list, and as a young kid, I loved the book. It was among the most unique stories I read in grade school. And … Continue reading

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You Killed My Father, Prepare to Die

One of the best realizations I’ve had over the past two weeks was that Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride is Saul Berensen from Homeland. In retrospect, it’s quite obvious: Mandy Patinkin, what a versatile actor. Here are a few of his great moments. Inigo sword … Continue reading

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Sex Photos Revealed

I found these photos the other day and couldn’t believe it. Okay, that was low. I apologize. Interesting fact: whenever I put sex in the title of a blog post, my daily traffic jumps 3-5x. Anyways, now that I’ve diverted you … Continue reading

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Tattoo Artist Can’t Stand Hangovers

Note: This is a guest post written by James Marshall Spector.  The following (including, but not limited to, my research, thoughts and opinions) cannot and should not be considered to be actual legal advice in any way, shape, or form.  It … Continue reading

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Wes Anderson is Back!

This is exciting: Jason Schwartzmann, Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton and Bruce Willis will join a stellar cast for Wes Anderson’s latest film, Moonrise Kingdom, according to reports in the US. News of Anderson’s follow-up to Fantastic Mr Fox first emerged in … Continue reading

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