Sunday Morning Boston Shots

A few weeks ago I got up early on a Sunday morning and took a walking photography course in the North End. I’m trying to get into a better habit of taking my camera out around town, as I usually shoot when travelling then put my camera back in a drawer until next time. So this was the perfect excuse. Here are a few highlights. Fire escapes in an alley: Shadows against a brick building: Mamma Maria: North Square Oyster: Sunlight through leaves: Mr. Revere: Dog Tag Garden Memorial: Bacco and Al Dente: And the cruiseship terminal from my walk home:


Spent the weekend in Nantucket to celebrate my good friend Casey’s last month as a bachelor. It was my first time there, and I was hoping to get some good photos on my D7200. It turned out to be a bit foggy, so I left my camera at the house for most of the weekend. But it cleared up in patches and I got a few shots on my phone. I’d never used Lightroom Mobile, and Casey recommended I try it out. I was blown away at how easy it is to use, and how well it integrated with my Zenfolio workflow. Here are a few shots from my phone. The harbor: Tom Never Beach: Waterfront houses from the ferry

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East Austin, the ArModelo & Longhorn Caverns

I spent last weekend in Austin with a few good friends from grad school. We’re spread across the country at the moment – two in Boston, one in Boulder, and one in San Francisco – and decided to get together somewhere that (1) is fun and (2) had cheap direct flights for all of us. Austin delivered on both fronts, easy decision. Before continuing, I have to thank my amazing wife Laura, who encouraged me to have one last weekend away before our son arrives. So, a quick recap on some highlights. I’ve been going to Austin at least once a year since 2012 to visit Laura’s family, and I’m still excited to find excuses to go back. No other US city has Austin’s mix of

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Everglades National Park

I was in Florida visiting family last weekend, and took off one morning to go check out Everglades National Park. It was more interesting than I expected, and I only had a chance to see a small portion in Shark Valley, and some areas between there and the Gulf Coast visitor center. There were gators everywhere. In some of the swamps there were dozens swimming around. I’ll try the airboats next time. Here are some highlights:

We Drain Pipes, Not Wallets

A sign design firm, Dynamic Image LLC, recently contacted me to request to use one of my photos for a vehicle wrap project. It’s a shot I took in 2011 while visiting Rocky Mountain National Park: I sent them the high resolution file, and asked to see the results when it was finished. Yesterday, I received an email with two photos. Turns out it’s a plumbing truck. I’m a bit biased, but I think it looks great:

Hamakua, Waipio, and Pololu

For our final two days in Hawaii Laura and I stayed at a B&B on a ranch in the Hamakua region up north. The drive up to the ranch was six miles off the main road, three of which was through a eucalyptus forest: Here are a couple of horses on the ranch: We drove out to Waipio Valley one afternoon, and did the mile hike down and back up: Afterwards, we drove out to Pololu Valley. Unfortunately the weather turned overcast when we got there, but we had some good rainbow sightings on the way: Many more pictures on my photography site.

Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden

Laura and I visited the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden outside Hilo on our drive from Volcano to Hamakua. It far exceeded our expectations and I’d highly recommend an hour or so stop if you’re on the Big Island. The garden is along a trail that’s roughly a mile loop. It’s located off a scenic road which was among the best drives we did on the island. Just a mile south of it is the Onomea Bay Trail, which we walked as well. The trail actually passes through part of the garden, but you can’t get into the main area without first buying tickets at the main entrance. Here are some highlights from the botanical garden: And here are a few shots taken from the Onomea Bay Trail: