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The Center of People

Via Joost Bonsen, whose Development Ventures Class in the MIT Media Lab was among the best course decisions I made in grad school, a graphic that’s trending on reddit showing the world’s population by longitude and latitude: From the graphic … Continue reading

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First Impressions of the iPhone 6 Camera: Callahan State Park

I’ve had my iPhone 6 for almost a month now, but hadn’t really tested out the camera in a meaningful way until today. With all the warm weather we’ve had this week, Laura and I decided to head out to … Continue reading

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A Few Thoughts on Rhinos

I just learned that yesterday was World Rhino Day, an annual initiative to raise awareness about Africa’s big poaching problem. National Geographic has a nice series of pictures and history, including a picture that’s clearly from a very¬†different time of … Continue reading

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African Cat Rehabilitation Center

Continued from my previous post here. On our second day in South Africa, we took a ride about 10 miles up the road from our lodge to the Emdoneni Lodge Cat Rehabilitation Center. The center takes in injured and orphaned … Continue reading

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First Few Days in South Africa

Laura and I recently returned from a visit in South Africa, planned around a package we “accidentally” won in a charity auction. The Auction was for Girls’ Leap, an amazing organization Laura volunteers with that provides self defense and empowerment … Continue reading

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Happy New Year — Some Year End Website Stats

Happy near year! Thanks to all my followers for continuing to support this site. While my written posts definitely declined in 2013 — in part due to a more intense schedule — I began providing Adobe Lightroom Preset downloads which … Continue reading

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ShootTokyo Photography

A friend recently sent me a link to ShootTokyo, a nicely done photography blog from a Boston ex-pat now living in Japan. He captures people very well, something I strive to focus on more often when I shoot, and I … Continue reading

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Long Exposure Rocket Launch

Via Popular Science, yesterday’s Soyuz launch in Kazakhstan:

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Impressive Earth Photos

Wired has a post with a very impressive set of photos from space. The patterns are amazing, and worth a quick look. Here are a few of my favorites:

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Updated Lightroom 5 Presets

I just updated my Lightroom 5 Presets download file to include the four new presets I’ve added over the past month. For anyone interested in supporting this site, the download is $2.50 and includes the 12 presets I’ve posted to … Continue reading

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