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How Did Feathers Evolve (Flying Dinosaurs, This is a Good World)

A brief, but nicely done, video on the history of feather from Carl Zimmer on TED: Which reminded me of this cartoon:

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Two Things. The Japanese and Russians plan to clone a Wolly Mammoth Jurassic Park style from DNA found in in a frozen mammoth thigh. It’s about time. And this:

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Why Does Evolution Allow Some People to Hear Colors?

National Geographic has a piece on the evolution of synesthesia, which is broadly defined as “a neurologically based condition in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway.” In the most … Continue reading

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Missions to Mars

This is just a nice infographic: And this was just a weird movie.

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The Sugar Myth

I was happy to read this via Marginal Revolution: Let’s cut to the chase: sugar doesn’t make kids hyper. There have been at least twelve trials of various diets investigating different levels of sugar in children’s diets. That’s more studies than are often … Continue reading

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Building Space Ships

That was quick. SpaceX, a private space ship company, will begin sending shipments to the international space station this fall: A little less than six months after the final space shuttle launch, a private space company will launch a rocket … Continue reading

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“There are ‘obvious benefits’ of straight-up sex”

Well that should give my daily traffic a bump. The quote is actually referring to the benefits of “straight-up sex” (as opposed to asexual reproduction) for a type of insect — the cottony cushion scale. Via National Geographic, this is fascinating … Continue reading

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Ladybug Zombies

This is twisted. I love it. From National Geographic: “The parasitic wasp…prepares to inject a spotted ladybug with a single egg…the ladybug has been paralyzed by the wasp’s venom…”: “In time the egg will hatch into a larva that will develop for … Continue reading

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Yeast, Unite!

Two of my favorite topics are evolutionary biology and brewing. It’s rare that they overlap in the same article. It looks like brewer’s yeast has been coaxed to evolve to do more than make beer: IN JUST a few weeks … Continue reading

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