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3D Printed Dogs Legs

From TechCrunch, another example of how 3D printing is reducing barriers, making cool things happen:

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First Impressions of the iPhone 6 Camera: Callahan State Park

I’ve had my iPhone 6 for almost a month now, but hadn’t really tested out the camera in a meaningful way until today. With all the warm weather we’ve had this week, Laura and I decided to head out to … Continue reading

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iOS8 Dominating the Internet

Via Dan Rayburn, just a few hours after its release, iOS8 is representing a sizable portion of global internet traffic:  

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Robot Cheetah!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but just came across a fascinating MIT robotics project in Popular Science worth sharing. In short, this beast is now out of the lab, running around Killian Court: Here’s the video:

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UberBoat Boston

This could be interesting. Starting this week, Uber began offering boat rides around Boston Harbor for $10/person: “June 4 through June 15, you can use the Uber app to request a water taxi, powered byBoston Harbor Cruises. Make waves as you ride … Continue reading

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Lasers for Space Broadband

Speeds of 622 Mbps from the moon: Wireless broadband service went cosmic in a demo conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Lincoln Laboratory and NASA, in which a laser-based communication uplink between the moon and earth beat the … Continue reading

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Google Just Bought Some Scary Robots

From the NYT: “Google confirmed on Friday that it had completed the acquisition of Boston Dynamics, an engineering company that has designed mobile research robots for the Pentagon. The company, based in Waltham, Mass., has gained an international reputation for … Continue reading

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Learning to Code (Kind of)

Aside from playing around with visual basic over the years (I coded a configurable metronome in 1997 and a number of other simple windows-based apps), and learning just enough HTML and CSS to know which questions to Google to run … Continue reading

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Social Media Explained

This found its way to my inbox today: Source: Unknown

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Disruptive Technologies: Advances That Will Transform Life, Business, and the Global Economy

From Mckinsey via The Big Picture, a very thoughtful look at the economic impact of various game changing technologies. Here’s the high-level summary: The rest of the slides are here, and the full report is here.

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