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Google Just Bought Some Scary Robots

From the NYT: “Google confirmed on Friday that it had completed the acquisition of Boston Dynamics, an engineering company that has designed mobile research robots for the Pentagon. The company, based in Waltham, Mass., has gained an international reputation for … Continue reading

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Learning to Code (Kind of)

Aside from playing around with visual basic over the years (I coded a configurable metronome in 1997 and a number of other simple windows-based apps), and learning just enough HTML and CSS to know which questions to Google to run … Continue reading

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Social Media Explained

This found its way to my inbox today: Source: Unknown

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Disruptive Technologies: Advances That Will Transform Life, Business, and the Global Economy

From Mckinsey via The Big Picture, a very thoughtful look at the economic impact of various game changing technologies. Here’s the high-level summary: The rest of the slides are here, and the full report is here.

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Internet Trends of 2013

Lots of great content in Mary Meeker’s 2013 internet trends presentation: I found this slide on the share of global GDP by country/region to be particularly interesting:

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From Out of Nowhere

Via Barrons via The Big Picture, interesting trends in the computing space: I find it a little bit funny that the graphic says, “from out of nowhere, smartphones have passed global PC sales.” The slope of both smartphone graphs shifted … Continue reading

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Cloud Follow-Up

In response to my post yesterday on cloud backup solutions, Colin suggests another interesting solution: Rather than pay $60 a year for cloud backup, I invested in the personal cloud. Connect this to your router and set your Mac or pc to … Continue reading

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The Cloud’s Got My Back

I’ve had a rough couple of weeks with my computer — at times I’ve felt as though I’m back in the 90′s when computers just crashed on a regular predictable basis for all sorts of nonsensical reasons. The focus of … Continue reading

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The Super PAC App!

As I previously mentioned here and here, my good friend Dan Siegel has been hard at work developing the Super PAC App, an iPhone app that helps people who are interested in researching election-related commercials funded by Super PACs identify … Continue reading

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Who’s Curiosity? Bleep-Bop.

I just discovered that NASA’s curiosity rover, which who landed on Mars last night, has its own Facebook and Twitter pages where it posts updates about its mission in the first person. It seems a bit over the top, but why not? … Continue reading

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