The Weight

I discovered this version of the Band’s song via a post on Jerry Coyne’s “Why Evolution is True” blog. It’s outstanding musically, and I’d never previously come across this “Playing for Change” song cover format where musicians all over the world perform a part, and the elements are thoughtfully stitched together in a way that keeps adding something new without ever letting the arrangement get too crowded. Interestingly, Jerry posted about it two weeks after it was published on YouTube and it only had 830 views. A month later it has almost 2.9 million. Here’s the video: If you enjoy this, it’s worth checking out some of the other “Playing for Change” songs that are recommended on YouTube.

Books I Read in 2018

Here’s my list from last year, roughly grouped by how much I enjoyed them (as I did in 2016 and 2017). I found some great ones, and compared to 2017, I read fewer baby books, despite having a new baby (none!). Highly Recommend Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss: This was unlike any negotiation book I’ve read. Written by a former FBI hostage negotiator, it takes a practical real-world approach to successful negotiation, rather than the more common academic frameworks I experienced again and again across a range of classes in undergrad and business school. Not that those frameworks aren’t useful, they just aren’t always useful. This book fills the gaps, and then adds quite a bit. It was

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Sorachi Magnum Homebrew Recipe

Quick update on my latest Sorachi hops homebrew (previous recipes for Soarchi Hokkaido and Soarachi El Dorado here and here). This time I went with a simpler recipe with just light malt, caramel 15 grain, half an ounce of Magnum hops for bittering, and the rest Soarchi Ace hops for aroma. I also switched from a lager yeast back to California Ale yeast. After aging in the keg for a few weeks, this is by far one of my favorite recipes. Previous iterations didn’t have quite the right bitterness profile. The Magnum hops solves this, but doesn’t get in the way of the Sorachi flavor. Also, I probably hadn’t been aging the lager versions as long as I should have

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An ICO Advertised on My Blog Post About ICOs

After reading my previous post on crypto, a former colleague, Eric Holzhauer, sent me a picture of this ad on my site, to the right of my post about ICOs: A few immediate reactions: They have a marketing budget to advertise via Google Adwords to encourage people to “Join ICO” (i.e., buy the new crypto coin they are creating in the hope of using it to facilitate rental transactions)? That’s legal? Wait, really, that’s legal? I guess just because they’re doing it, doesn’t mean it’s legal. But they are a legitimate company, with $4M in VC funding previously raised, and over 200k properties on their site. And yet it all feels very deceiving. They can’t say invest in ICO, because

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4 Thoughts on the Crypto “Bubble”

There’s been a lot of talk about whether Bitcoin, or crypto overall, is a bubble. Some say absolutely. Many suspect it’s likely, but argue that as with most bubbles, it’s difficult to know for sure. After all, the Economist called Bitcoin a bubble in 2011 when it was at $2.50 and again in 2013 when it was at $1,000. And Tyler Cowan used to think it was a bubble, but now isn’t so sure. I’ve had many fun discussions about this with friends and family, and have been increasingly reading and thinking about the topic. So I’d like to share a few thoughts. 1. The total market capitalization of all cryptocurrecnies is $740B – this is a bubble The market cap

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Sorachi El Dorado Homebrew Recipe

I followed up my previous Sorachi Hokkaido beer recipe with a slightly altered version, Sorachi El Dorado. It’s still predominantly Sorachi Ace, but this time I complemented it a bit with some El Dorado and Citra hops, switched back from a lager to an ale yeast (mainly to reduce the amount of time it needs to age, as I liked the recipe as a lager), and reduced the hop bill, including removing the dry hop addition all together. Here’s the recepe:  And after kegging it and aging it for a week, here’s the beer: This is a solid ale, which will probably improve with a bit more age. I preferred the lager yeast, think the dry hops should be

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